phpBB Topic/Post reactions

Extension Name: phpBB3 Topic/Post Reactions
Author: Steve
Emoji credits:

Credits: To those who helped test this extension.

Extension Description:
Allows Users to add image reactions to your Topic or post.

Post Reaction Types:
Thanks, no thanks, like, dislike, love, LOL, happy, neutral, angry etc... or add your own!!

Extension Version: 0.6.0-dev

  • phpBB 3.2.0 >=
  • php 7.1 >=
  • View Topic Page:
    • Add/Change/Delete Reaction.
    • Show Topic/Post Reactions types list, count and total reaction count.
    • Link to Pop up list containing reactions by users.
    • Re-sync.
  • User Profile:
    • Total Reactions count.
    • View recent reactions and full list of reactions link.
  • User Control Panel:
    • Enable /disable Reactions to your Topic/Posts.
    • Enable /disable certain Reaction types to your Topic/Post (sensitive Souls :lol: )
    • Prevent Foes from Reacting to your Topics/Posts
    • Enable/disable notifications.
    • Enable/disable reaction.
  • User Notifications:
    • Notifications sent via the board or email, upon receiving reactions, containing username who reacted, reaction type image, post subject and post link.
  • Pages:
    • Post reactions page: A list of users who have reacted to that post, clicking the reaction image will show a list of users who reacted with that reaction type.
    • View reactions, a page displaying users with the most reactions.
  • Admin Control Panel:
    • Enable /disable
    • Add/Edit/Delete Reaction Types
    • User Permissions

Download: This extension is still in development! Click

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This a development Extension!

Permission need to be set via: ACP -> permissions -> Group permissions