phpBB Showroom Market Place

Showroom Market Place/Classifieds

Author: Steve

Extension Description: Seperate your category's into your own market place, classifieds system allowing users to place items for sale be it cars or parts!

Extension Version: 0.0.5-dev

  • phpBB Showroom 0.2.2
  • phpBB 3.2.0
  • Permissions
  • Approval system
  • Auto lock when sold
  • user total for sale, sold items.
  • Preset fields, required to be filled out.
    • Title/Description
    • Status - For Sale/sold pending/ sold
    • Currency
    • Price
    • Payment types accepted
    • Contact Method
    • Item photos
    1. set amount offer attempts
    2. set minimum/reserve value
    3. set auto accept offer greater than or equals value
    4. auto mark as sold when accepting offers